Ankle Pain

What is ankle pain and what causes it? This condition refers to any types of discomfort or pain you feel in and around your ankles. Such pain is usually due to injury, such as sprain or a medical condition, including arthritis.ankle pain

What the Experts Say about Ankle Pain

Ankle sprain, according to experts at the University of Illinois, is a major cause of ankle sprain, making a total of 85  percent of all injuries in this area and such occurs in or around the ligaments (tissues connecting the bones but are stretched or torn).

Lateral sprains, a common condition suffered by athletes or anyone putting much pressure on their ankle due to physical activities, including running for a long time, happens when the foot rolls and cause the outer portion of the ankle to twist toward the ground, something causing rips or stretches in the ligament. As a result, the ankle swells or may develop bruises for up to two weeks, depending on the severity of the sprain. In worst cases, such takes months to heal. After recovery, the affected ankle usually becomes more prone to injuries because it is now weaker and even less stable than the other is.

Other Causes of Ankle Pain
– Gout, occurring when there is much uric acid accumulated in your body
– Blocked arteries or blood vessels
– Joint infection
– Nerve injury or damage
– Arthritis, causing joint inflammation and most common is osteoarthritis

Ankle Pain Relief
Protect it from injury or acquiring another one by using a brace, a splint or a tape. Avoid putting much pressure or weight on your ankle. And while it’s in pain, avoid moving as much as possible, but rest.

Wrap the injured ankle with an elastic bandage or cloth, but not too tightly. Elevate your ankle’s position when possible especially when sleeping. You can stack pillows and place the affected ankle in a raised position for relief.

You can also use topic pain relievers or pain medicines as prescribe by your doctor, as they can reduce the pain by fighting the inflammation or swelling in the affected area.Ankle Supporter


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