Back Breaking Back Bone Pain

sciatica painThe column of bones along the centre of the back of human beings is made up of separate bones, connected by the spinal cord, ligaments and disc shaped cartilage. The back bone commences at the base of the skull and goes on up to the pelvis. There are four normal curves in the back bone, of these two are lordosis (forward curvature of the spine producing a hollow) and two kyphotic (slight hump type curvatures). These normal curvatures aid in the automatic distribution of intensity of forces on the spine, with the movements of the body.

The names of the first two vertebrae below the skull are the atlas and axis respectively; both combine to turn the head sideways. In addition there are other vertebrae in the back bone that articulate to form:

– The cervical spine, comprises seven cervical vertebrae
– The thoracic spine comprises twelve thoracic vertebrae
– The lumbar spine comprises five lumbar vertebrae
– The sacrum
– The coccyx

The back bone of the human body is just similar to the back bone of prosperity and affluence in the life of a human being i.e. both need hard work and toughness. Make no bones about your back bone pain!

back pain treatmentThe following are the common and uncommon causes of back bone pain

– Inactivity or sluggishness (as a result of inactivity, the muscles become baggy and sloppy, hence are not able to sustain the back appropriately)
– Unsatisfactory posture and inconvenient movements, while sitting ,standing and upraising heavy weights(as a result, the whole length of the back bone gets affected)
– Sleeping on uneven and non-firm mattresses
– Lack of physical fitness
– Not warming up appropriately prior to a workout
– Not cooling down properly after a workout
– Tiring the muscles beyond their capability
– Inaccurate and erroneous movements
– Straining, stretching and rigidity in the muscles (that support the neck) as a result of emotional /physical pressure cause them to tighten and become uneasy and non-supportive, resulting not only in backbone pain but also tension headaches.
– Obesity and being over-weight
– Prolong working hours

How to tackle the back bone pain?

The patient should visit the Doctor, who will take a thorough history to determine the cause of pain (this is the most important part as regards the treatment of the patient) and whether it is acute or chronic type and examine the patient thoroughly so as to ascertain the ranges of movements still possible despite the pain; also he will evaluate any spasm, stiffness, any neurological deficits, transfigured sensations and any modifications in the reflexes. He will also interrogate about any changes in bowel and bladder movements, loss of libido etc He will rule out the various causes of back bone pain such as prolapsed intervertebral disc/discs, sciatica, ailments with reference to facet joints, osteoarthritis, Ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, referred pain to the back bone.

Application of capsicum cream three of four times a day at the affected area, Vitamin D supplements, Acupuncture therapy, massage treatment; skilful handling of the spine by a Chiropractor are some of the treatment options available for the management of back bone pain.


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