Disturbed by Back Pain? Some Back Pain Causes

back_painBack Pain is such a disturbing sense ,that even an insignificant extent of it is enough to impoverish all the pleasures and blessings in our lives; by acquiring a knowledge about back pain causes, and the factors liable for it, one could avoid back pain.

Categorization of back pain causes

– Mechanical troubles
– Physical harm or damage
– Medical conditions
– Infections
– Tumors

Mechanical troubles

These could be sub-divided as follows:

o Deterioration of intervertebral discs—The discs located between the vertebrae of the spine collapse with age, hence lose their competence to protect from shock or injury.

o Corrosion and erosion of the facet joints, which attach each vertebra to another.

o Cramps(Sudden convulsive involuntary muscular contractions)

o Muscle tautness or uneasiness

o Ruptured(herniated) discs—forcible tearing or bursting of intervertebral discs

Physical harm or damage

Acute or chronic back pain could be produced as a result of twists and lacerations in the ligaments as well as the muscles, which bolster up the spine. These twists and lacerations could be the result of turning in a non-appropriate manner or upraising a weight in a non-suitable way. Splits and cleavages in the vertebrae are usually the consequence of Osteoporosis——-a bone disorder characterized by a reduction in bone density, porosity and brittleness found chiefly in women who have passed menopause (post- menopausal women).Menopause is a term that refers to the permanent cessation of menstruation, normally between the ages of forty and fifty.

back pain treatmentMedical conditions:

* Scoliosis—(lateral curvature of the spine)
* Spondylolisthesis—-dislocation of a vertebra towards the front or the back, as a result of arthritis, bone disease,sports,gymnastics,upraising weights, football etc
* Various forms of arthritis(inflammation of joints)such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis
* Ankylosing spondylitis (a type of arthritis that causes swelling of the vertebrae; as a result the patient feels critical constant and long lasting pain)
* Spinal stenosis—(restriction of the spinal row that produces compression on the spinal cord)
* Pregnancy
* Stones in the kidneys
* Endometriosis—the growth of endometrial tissue in abnormal locations as on the ovaries or within the peritoneal cavity.Endometrium is the name given to the inner lining of the uterus.
* Fibromyalgia—a group of signs and symptoms, in which the patient suffers long- lasting aches throughout the body as well as pain or soreness on touching the troubled joints, muscles, tendons etc.


o Osteomyelitis—Infection of bone marrow or bone structures, usually caused by bacteria which produce pus(Staphylococci)

o Discitis—Infection of the intervertebral discs


They are masses of new tissue growth, which sometimes, do commence in the back, but more occasionally they turn up in the back as secondaries to the malignancy somewhere else in the body.

Gloominess, sadness, dejection

A state of being uneasy and apprehensive or worried about a possible future event

Abnormally prolonged inability to sleep especially when chronic

Severe damages and losses:
As a result of falls and accidents

Bottom line about back pain causes is :Since back pain is itself a warning or signal or an indication, hence it should not be mistaken for a diagnosis but one should always consult a Licensed General Practitioner, who might ask the patient, to consult an Orthopedic Surgeon, if need be.