Elbow Pain

Elbow pain is a common condition suffered from by athletes engaging in sports and people using their elbows improperly.

Taking a Rest

Common activities, including throwing, painting and tennis can cause elbow pain. Sometimes it is due to the repetitive actions that your elbows have to do without giving them proper and enough rest. Take enough rest or have a break whenever needed. You can reduce the stress commonly occurring in the elbow. You should also avoid strength building routines, if you were engaging on such; instead, you can perform mild stretching activities in the body’s affected area.

Taking Pain Relievers

Over-the-counter medicines are one of the most common treatment solutions used by people looking to heal from pain of the elbow. If the pain persists, however, consult a doctor for diagnosis.

Anion Supporters for Pain Relief

For long-term relief from pain, you can consider wearing a elbow supporters that offers multiple benefits. Some of the benefits it gives include purifying the blood system and stimulating its circulation and increase cell activity.


Elbow Pain Supporters

Product Item:SG001 Dual Purpose Elbow/Knee Supporters
Material:(Outer Material) Acrylic 89%, Polyester 5%
Wool 5%, Polyurethane 1%
(Backing Material) Neoron 89%, Polyester 9%, Polyrethane 2%
Price:SGD200/- (Ivory)
Member SGD160/-
SGD210/- (Black)
Member SGD168

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