Feet and Heel Pain

Feet and heel pain is a common condition experienced or suffered from by busy people who are always putting much pressure on these parts with constant movement, such as walking or running, among other physical activities. When using the affected parts, the pain grows much deeper and that gradually builds up and become worse over the course of time. When placing weight on these parts, the pain becomes more severe, interfering with normal function and movement.

Feet and heel pain gets worse in the morning, especially when taking the first step after a long night of sleep or inactivity.  While walking can reduce the pain, it just makes the pain worse after standing or walking for a long time. Some people, due to pain, develop an abnormal style in walking because what they do is avoiding placing weight on the affected foot or heel.

Diagnosing Feet and Heel Pain

A specialist, commonly a podiatrist, will help you diagnose the main causes of pain in your feet and heel.

After, he may be able to recommend traditional treatments for healing pain and speeding up recovery. A few of them may include but not limited to resting your feet and heel, such as avoiding walking or running long distances. Regular stretching may also help pain relief remedies.

An Alternative to Feet and Heel Pain

After years and years of research and studies, negative ion clothing is proven to treat pain in most body parts, including feet and heel, among others.  Clothing made with anions—negative ions—work best in treating virtually all kinds of body pain due to aging, cell degeneration and pollution.


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