Kick Menstrual Pain for Good Permanently

A lot of women go through the agony of menstruation pain almost every month of their lives, which is why many of them take pain relievers and unnecessary medicine and self-medication.

This plain looking yet amazing tube is worn around the midriff. It has been around for a long time but so few of us have heard about it.

Introducing the Teviron body wrap that easily solve your menstrual pain,

– No more abdominal cramps and pain during your menstruation days
– No more going to doctors for pain relieving medicines
– No more pharmacy for self-medication
– No more herbs and traditional remedies

What you looking for is a PERMANENT SOLUTION!

How does it work? It maintains the temperature of our body core area therefore, it can improve blood circulation, leading to pain relief. When you put on, you will get an instant relief from abdominal cramps – guaranteed.

Studies have revealed by maintaining our regular body temperature, we can improve overall health and wellness. The material can help in distributing heat around the body. You can get the most out of your lives without feeling pain.

body wrap Who Else Needs Body Wrap?
– Fashion conscious women
– Working Ladies in air conditioning offices
– Yoga enthusiasts
– Students
– Sports Enthusiast

teviron body wrapThere are three(3) colors available in royal blue, pink and white.

Plus, it fits anyone—FREE Size. It can be worn by teenagers, young professionals and seniors. One size fits all as it’s a free size at 70x27cm stretchable.

The material is light and comfortable to the skin (Neoron 43%, Acrylic 48%, Polyurethane 3% and Polyester 6%).

The fabric is soft and skin-friendly. It can be worn without you feeling it is there due to its lightness and breath ability.

For best results, we recommend Teviron panties that give you the same benefits of Neoron body wraps.

That means double the benefits!


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