Knee Pain

Is your knee pain going on for days or weeks and it simply annoy and prevent you from performing your daily routines at work or at home?  If so, you might be one of those suffering from this physical condition that needs a solution. However, you might be looking for natural treatment methods.knee pain

First, aches and pains can also be caused by blood acidification aside from heavy and pressing physical activities, such as carrying heavy weight, running and walking.  In some cases, knee pain can be due to an accident or fall. Some conditions may last longer than others do, but in general, pain can be due to blood acidification and accumulation of too much pollutant in the blood.

Supporter for Knee Pain

Anion supporter is a unique product that works by supplying the body with constant negative ions, which are normally occurring in the environment and where waterfalls, and where trees are abundant. According to studies, negative ions helps the body in many ways, and one of which is getting rid of pain by restoring normal alkaline levels in the blood and boosting the immune system.

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SG001 Elbow/Knee(Ivory & Black)


Product Item:SG001 Dual Purpose Elbow/Knee Supporters
Material:(Outer Material) Acrylic 89%, Polyester 5%
Wool 5%, Polyurethane 1%
(Backing Material) Neoron 89%, Polyester 9%, Polyrethane 2%
Price:SGD200/- (Ivory)
Member SGD160/-
SGD210/- (Black)
Member SGD168


Knee Supporter Made by Teviron Blanket Available


Knee Support customised-knee-supporter

Customised Supporters (Made from Teviron Blanket materials)

If you want to try out our Teviron knee supporters for instant knee pain relief, get our supporter today!


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