Neck Pain – Most Common Cause

neck_painThe neck is a noticeably sensitive area of the body. This is a fundamental area of the body that should not be taken lightly. There are many vital components to the neck, and if you are experiencing pain in the neck, it may be time to talk to someone.

It is important to understand the pain that is happening in the neck because there are a lot of things that could go wrong. Things such as strep throat can case remarkable pain. Luckily, strep throat is a curable condition that will pass. Then, there are other conditions such as numbness, sharp pains, and pinched nerves which are serious life threatening things.

Most causes of pain in the neck are treatable, but it is important to keep contact with an experienced person to make sure that there aren’t hidden causes. However, since the area is much smaller it is easier to treat the affected area with safe things such as massage and temperature therapy. Relaxation, rest, and careful touch can go a long way with neck pain. The single biggest cause of neck strain and pain according to specialists is stress. As a result, massage and relaxation are the most preferred method of healing.

The most common causes of pain of the neck are whiplash, strain, and arthritis. These are something that has enough science behind them to be manageable if not curable. There are other problems such as spondylosis, pinched nerves and fractures that can cause pain and take much more effort to manage.

Acupuncture and over the counter pain relievers can help as well. If one is choosing an over the counter relief, it would be best to understand which one is best. The neck is a soft tissue, and if it is swollen or tender to the touch it is better to have an anti-inflammatory such as Aleve or Motrin. If it is just a lingering internal pain, or something that cannot be calmed by the anti-inflammatory you can add Acetaminophen as well. Acupuncture is an alternative medicine that has different results for different people. It involves using thin, solid needles placed throughout the body to correct health issues. If this is not your cup of tea, try temperature therapy first and see how sensitive you are. The rule of thumb for temperature therapy is: cold packs help reduce swelling and numbs deep pain. Hot packs reduce muscle spasms and general pain.

The most common cause of repeated neck pain is poor posture according to the Mayo clinic. Poor posture is an easily treatable problem. One that is best treated by slowly adding regular exercise and being attentive to one’s sitting position. With most jobs requiring long hours sitting or being stagnant, it is easy to see how posture and stress can cause neck pain. Knowing this is the first step to living pain free. Even if you are a person who is pain free and your posture is poor, it would be greatly beneficial to improve. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and pains in the neck can be a real problem.


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