Neck Pain

Muscles found in the neck are very sensitive, and in some life stages, about two out of three people experience pain in or around this organ.  A sudden onset or acute pain in the neck occurs due to a neck problem, a serious disease and in some cases, unknown. When the pain’s cause is not clear, it is called non-specific neck pain, which may also be due to bad posture or sprain,  although total recovery can be within reach for many people, especially if they would keep their neck active; otherwise, a good solution is a neck warmer.

What Are the Causes of Neck Pain?
• A harmful activity for it
• A muscle injury
• An underlying medical condition

What Are A Few Activities That Harm the Neck?
It can include those that involve frequent or prolonged neck movements, which lead to an overused or overstretched muscle, a sprain or injury to the ligament or a spasm in the neck muscles.  Some examples include prolonged conversation on the phone, reading, watching and working overtime with prolonged awkward position. It can also be due to sleeping on a pillow, too flat or too high, so it does not support the neck.

Some people experience neck pain because of sleeping on their stomach with their neck bent or twisted. It can also be due to exercising the arms and the upper body or due to painting and other overhead jobs.  Focusing intensely and prolonged stressing on a specific task can also develop tension, and then later on pain in the neck, wherein it would feel painful and tight.

How Can Neck Warmer Help?

Negative ions loaded on a neck warmer can help relieve you from the pain you are suffering from. Did you know that it could also help heal sore throat, coughing, toothache, sinus infection, thyroid swelling, lost voice, neck stiffness, pain and headache?

All these and more are properly researched, studied and proven by the experts across the globe; in fact, people wearing this type of clothing or warmer for the neck have reported how negative ion has helped them solve their health problem, and up to now have been using Teviron products to help them live a happy and healthy life.

Indeed negative ion healthy clothing is what you need to protect your neck from pain or relieve it if you are suffering from it right now.


AS010 Ladies Neck Warmer
neck warmer





Product Item:AS010 Ruffled Neck Warmer Lady
Material:Neoron 100%
Colour:Black, Purple
Size:35 x 19cm
Price:SGD65/- (Member SGD52/-)


AS011 Neck Warmer (Men)
neck pain supporters





Product Item:AS011 Plain Neck Warmer Man
Material:Neoron 100%
Size:39 x 19cm
Price:SGD60/- (Member SGD48/-)



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