Negative Ion Supporters for Neck Pain

Neck pain or neck stiffness is usually caused by fatigue, and degenerative diseases. Research have shown that someone who is more exposed to negative ions in large numbers on a regular basis gets good results on the disappearance of the disease.

What Are Negative Ions? These are the elements, which carry with them negatively charged ions. These are naturally present in the air and the environment. A regular human body is said to require 700 negative ions. There are about 100 negative ions floating around the city, and about 1,000 and 5,000 on forests and waterfalls, respectively.

Due to overwhelming pollution, especially in the air, these negative ions are in danger of decreasing, consequently increasing positively charged ions or cations. Cations are said to be very harmful on human bodies.

Benefits of Negative Ions

1. They help in the production of new and good cells while stimulating and speeding up cell metabolism.
2. White blood cells, which are known to have a connection to the body’s immune system, are stimulated.
3. Blood cells, blood pH count and blood circulation are purified, regulated and stimulated.

In the aforementioned facts about negative ions, let us proceed to how Teviron clothing can give you beneficial effects in terms of your own health. Given that the garment clothing are made up of the material Teviron, the one who wears it is much exposed to negative ions.

With much exposure to negative ions, one is given a better health result, which happens to be the effect of anions. Illnesses, diseases and such are usually caused by acidification or oxidation occurring in the body. These takes place when there is too much exposure to pollution.

The specific research on negative ions was done on two rats with cancer. The other was exposed with fiber packed with negative ions at around fifteen minutes every day while the other was not.

After long observation on a regular practice of exposing these two variables on the said environment, the one exposed on negative ions has shown a better result compared to the other rat that has grown a tumor on the back of its neck.

This shows the great effects of negative ions to people exposed of negative ion through TEVIRON clothing.

NEFFUL clothing has been first discovered in 1950 and has been popular for its use of Teviron, fiber extracted from petroleum and produced into several clothing products. It is a fiber from Polyvinyl Chloride proven to be producing negative ions. You can complement traditional treatment to neck pain if you would wear negative ion clothing or use negative ion blanket packed with negative ions helpful for battling and getting rid of neck pain and all other types of pain in your body.

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