Negative Ion Wristband

What Is This Wristband and How Is It Effective?

Ions bands made with negative electric ions are great to wear by anyone, whether he or she is an athlete, a child, an office worker or an employer. Anyone can wear it, especially for absorbing the benefits of wearing such for their skin. A wristband works more effectively than any air ionization products on the market because it can work 24/7 as it is in contact with the skin all the time.

People who have tried wearing such products for themselves revealed how it has improved their sports and physical performance. They said it could create a wonderful effect to their state of mind as well, as it works by enhancing their mood for the day. Therefore, they can experience a better mood that leads them to a positive life outlook free from depression, stress and anxiety.

Where to Find Nefful Wristband

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AS006 Wrist Band
AS006 Wrist Band


SG013 Wrist Supporter

Description:SG013 Wrist Bands
Material:Outer Material- Acrylic 43%, Cuprammonium Rayon 28%, Nylon 21%, Polyester 6%,Polyurethane 2%, Backing martial-Neoron 68%, Nylon 21%, Polyester 9%,Polyurethane 2%
Colour:Gray, Ivory
Size: M/L
Price:SGD90 (Member SGD72)


Features: Comfortably adhere to your skin so you can move your arms and hands freely.