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AS006 Wrist Band
AS006 Wrist Band
Description:AS006 Wrist Bands
Material:Neoron 18%, Acrylic 28%, Nylon 23%, Cupoammonium Rayon 18%, Polyester 3%, Polyrethane 3%
Colour:Purple/Navy Blue/Grey/Black/Pink
Price:SGD60 (Member SGD48)


SG013 Wrist Supporter

SG013 Wrist Supports

Description:SG013 Wrist Bands
Material:Outer Material- Acrylic 43%, Cuprammonium Rayon 28%, Nylon 21%, Polyester 6%,Polyurethane 2%, Backing martial-Neoron 68%, Nylon 21%, Polyester 9%,Polyurethane 2%
Colour:Gray, Ivory
Size: M/L
Price:SGD90 (Member SGD72)


SG001 knee support
Knee Support
Product Item:SG001 Dual Purpose Elbow/Knee Supporters
Material:(Outer Material) Acrylic 89%, Polyester 5%
Wool 5%, Polyurethane 1%
(Backing Material) Neoron 89%, Polyester 9%, Polyrethane 2%
Price:SGD200/- (Ivory)
Member SGD160/-
SGD210/- (Black)
Member SGD168

Elbow Support SG011

Elbow Support

SG011 Elbow Supports
Material: Acrylic 35%, Cuprammonium Rayon 23%, Polyester 19%, Nylon 12%, Polyurethane 6%, Cotton 5%

Backing Material: Neoron 56%, Poyester 23%, Nylon 14%, Polyurethane 7%
Size: M,L
Color: Gray
Price:SGD130 (Member SGD104)

SG012 Knee Supports

Knee Support

SG012 Knee Supports
Material:Outer Material- Acrylic 34%, Cuprammonium Rayon 23%, Polyester 20%, Nylon 12%, Polyurethane 6%, Cotton 5%

Backing Martial-Neoron 58%, Polyester 22%, Nylon 13%, Polyurethane 7%

M, L
Price:SGD160 (Member SGD128)
1706 Ankle Supporter
1706 Ankle Supporter
Product Item:1706 Ankle Supporters (1 pair per pack)
Material:(Beige) Teviron, Wool, Nylon, Polyurethane
(Black) Teviron, Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, Polyurethane
Size:M 21.5 - 28 cm
L 24 - 30.5 cm
Colour:Beige, Black
Price:SGD85/- Beige
(Member SGD68/-)
SGD100/- Black
(Member SGD80/-)
SG014 Ankle Supporter
Ankle Supporter
Product Item:SG014 Ankle Supporters
Material:Outer: Acrylic 44%, Cuprammonium Rayon 29%, Nylon 14%, Polyester 10%, Polyurethane 3%
Backing: Neoron 76%, Nylon 24%
Size: M,L
(Member SGD72/-)
AS010 Ladies Neck Warmer
Ladies Neck Warmer
Product Item:AS010 Ruffled Neck Warmer Lady
Material:Neoron 100%
Colour:Black, Purple
Size:35 x 19cm
Price:SGD65/- (Member SGD52/-)
AS011 Neck Warmer (Men)
Men’s Neck Warmer
Product Item:AS011 Plain Neck Warmer Man
Material:Neoron 100%
Size:39 x 19cm
Price:SGD60/- (Member SGD48/-)
BI030 Dual Blanket Cover Pink/Gray
Dual Blanket Cover
Product Item:BI031 Dual Blanket Cover
Material:Exterior: Cotton 70%, Polyester 30%
Interior: Neoron 100%
Colour:Pink, Gray
Size:150cm x 210cm (Single)
180cm x 210cm (Double)
Price:SGD1980/- (Single)
(Member SGD1584/-)
SGD2400/- (Double)
(Member SGD1920/-)
BI020 Bed Sheet
Neoron Bed Sheet
Product Item:BI020W Neoron Bedsheet
Material:Neoron 100%
Polyster 100%
Colour:Pink, Gray
Size:140cm x 240cm (Single)
180cm x 250cm (Double)
Price:SGD780/- (Member SGD624/-)
SGD1000/- (Member SGD800/-)




Special Care for Teviron Product
Please note:
– Do not use cream or ointment when using product
– Wash frequently to remove toxic from fabric
– Do not use normal detergent
– Recommend to use our Nefful detergent for optimal result

NS011 125ml SGD10(Member SGD8), NS02 500c.c. SGD30(Member SGD24), NS03 1200c.c. SGD60(Member SGD48)

nefful detergent


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