Sciatica is a specific condition that refers to pain, weakness, numbness or tingling of the legs, the spine, or anywhere throughout the back. It is most commonly caused by injury or by pressure on the sciatic nerve. And, it is most common in people of the age range of 30 to 55. This condition is a sign of other unpleasant things going on in the body. It is not a well-known fact that sciatica is not considered a condition on its own. It is a symptom of something much more serious. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body, so when someone gets this condition there could be a lot of medical attention received before the afflicted person finds the root cause of the pain.

The most common causes of sciatica are herniated or slipped disc. It could also be something simple like if a person is over the optimal body weight. Fortunately, the latter is a treatable condition and even curable so the patient can go about their daily lives. And, with healthy living a whole host of other back and body problems can be prevented. The unfortunate part of the scenario is that herniated or slipped discs are a complex process that requires surgery or years of slow exercise and daily restriction.

sciatica pain
sciatica pain

The pain can radiate anywhere from the neck to the toes. Fortunately, with a bit of will power and dedication, the symptoms can be managed. And, some claim, even cured through regular non-medical treatments. First though, it is imperative that one seeks advice from a medical professional. As always, the symptoms could always be more serious, and only an experienced medical professional is qualified to treat, and cure any medical condition.

Over the counter pain relief is always a good choice to start the process of healing. If needed, a doctor can prescribe epidural steroids to ease nerve inflammation and irritation. The most common form of treatment is physical therapy. This is like monitored exercise at a gym. The personal attention at physical therapy is good because a trained staff member can make sure that injuries are avoided.

Specialists in this area also suggest that most people today are at risk for sciatica. They say that prolonged bouts of sitting or lying with pressure on the buttocks are the start of this affliction. Studies also show that more than half of the population have jobs that require prolonged bouts of sitting. It is now common knowledge that sitting for a long time is damaging to one’s health. As a result, if you have an office job, take time to step away from your desk every few hours if given the opportunity. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and with more physical activity most back problems can be avoided or helped. With all this in mind, specialists agree that ninety percent of sciatica cases improve on their own. Eventually the body heals itself, but during that time it is suggested that people do the best they can to live healthy, eat right and keep active.


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