Shoulder Pain – Shouldering the Shoulder

shoulder_painThe shoulder is a very important part of the body, and sometimes one does not recognize its importance until it is locked up in pain. The causes of shoulder pain can be as complex or as simple as each person who suffers from it. There are minor things such as inflammation and pain from over use, and then there are severe things such as arthritis, or frozen shoulder. The key is to understand and recognize the problem. You will need to be able to recognize if the pain is a dull, continuous ache, or a sharp pain that happens with movement, or anything in between.

There are a lot of muscles, ligaments, tendons, blood vessels, and bones on the area of the shoulder, and each can cause severe pain if not in correct alignment. The most common causes of shoulder pain fall into four recognizable categories. It would be caused by tendon inflammation or tendon tearing, instability, arthritis, and a fracture or a broken bone. Other, less common things can happen such as tumors, infection, and nerve related problems. The latter are the most important reasons it is best to consult a physician at the first sign of pain.

In addition to the four main categories, there are a few well-known problems that are extremely common. Bursitis is a condition were small, fluid filled sacs grow in various joints. The growth can appear anywhere in the body, but the shoulder is a usual suspect area. These fluid filled sacs can grow over time or just appear one day. Once they are present, they can interfere with daily use and cause pain. The second most common should pain problem is called tendinitis. The body utilizes tendons to connect the muscle to the bone. Tendinitis is a result of a worn or slowly deteriorating tendon. Eventually the tendon will split from over use and when this happens there is considerable pain. This most commonly happens in the four rotator cuff tendons and the biceps tendons.

Since the shoulder is a smaller area, there are fewer choices for medical professionals. There are still a lot of specialists that will care and treat it, but there are a few steps one would need to complete before choosing the right professional. You would want to visit a doctor to explain the pain and get an x-ray. This will be able to point out things such as fractures caused by injury, misaligned bones, and possibly even cysts if they are dense enough. If nothing shows up, the next step would be to consult a professional with a Magnetic Resonance Imaging – or M.R.I. machine – and or an ultrasound machine. These two machines are better at offering a glimpse into the muscular and soft tissues of the body. This type of machine will be able to pin point any ligament or tendon injuries. If those two common tests do not show the root of the problem, the doctors can order more tests. However, there is rarely need for people to go beyond those tests.

Once done, make sure to follow the advice of the medical professional, and they will know best how to control and manage the pain.

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