Shoulder Pain

No matter your age and gender, you are not spared from experiencing pain, especially that of the shoulder, which is experienced by people at some points in their lives, due to putting too much pressure on the shoulders by lifting heavy weight overhead or performing neck-straining activities all day. Both men and women, who are constantly busy, suffer from shoulder fatigue or pain, and in some cases, they are affected by aging or cell degeneration.

Causes of Shoulder Pain

In most cases, shoulder issues are due to the breaking down of the soft tissues located in the shoulder region. An as you get older, this portion of the shoulder becomes more affected, especially if you constantly do manual labor and play sports.

Shoulder pain occurs, either in small or large area of the shoulder or sometimes down your arm. In some cases still, this pain travels along the nerves going to the shoulders, but for others, they experience shoulder pain due to neck spine disease, or other health problems.

Good posture helps Shoulder Pain

Keep your chest and shoulder back; in short, develop a good posture because a bad one usually causes pain.

Strengthen the rhomboids found between the shoulder blades and are needed for normal shoulder movements. With strong rhomboids, you will be able to get support for the shoulders’ back portion and to help support your arms’ weight.

Remember that the neck also influences the shoulders, so mind it! You should try some gentle neck stretches to treat shoulder pain.

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