Testimonial 1

It Will Never Let You Down! Cherish This Blessing

I suffered from chronic pyelonephritis before I came to know about Teviron health suits. My condition was caused by a kidney stone that got stuck in the ureter. Years of incomplete urination have caused serious damage in my kidney. At that time, there was no ESWL, and the stone needed to be surgically removed. I suffered so much pain in 3 surgeries, and those who haven’t experienced it could never understand the pain. Because my kidneys were seriously damaged, I had to constantly take medication after I was discharged from the hospital. Since then, there was never a day that I was away from my medication.

In one class reunion, I met Ju Chiu, the senior area manager, and she introduced me Nefful products. I didn’t believe in them right away. I tried them three months later; I tried them, and discovered its amazing effects. I found another way toward health besides taking medicine or receiving shots.

When I started using them, my energy and stamina got significantly better. I no longer felt exhausted after I returned home from work. My appearance and skin tone also improved a lot. Three months after I started using them, I had reactions of improvement. I continued to use them rigorously, and it’s now been a year and I don’t need to rely on medication any more. I can even go on trips to foreign countries with my family.

Because of the changes in me caused by the products, my family and friends also believe in its amazing effects. My mom’s arthritis, my daughter’s PMS, and the soreness and pain that my sister and sisters-in-law PMS, and the soreness and pain that my sister and sisters-in-law are also improved. They all became healthier, and it feels so nice to be away from pain and sickness! As long as you are willing to try them out, they will never disappoint you! Cherish this blessing!

Symptoms: Pyelonephritis, Arthritis, PMS, Soreness & Pain
~ Ling Ling Liu
Source: http://nature-selfhealing.com/nature-self-healing-testimony.html

Testimonial 2

Teviron Helped Migraine Headache, Gout & Back Pain

My mother in law has always had migraine headaches and back pain. One day she saw my friend, Ethan wear a special hat. She was curious and asked her about it. The next thing I knew she brought a hat and waistband home to use for herself. After a couple of days she told me that she feels like she has more energy and she was so happy that her headache and back pain had improved a lot.

I was curious about this product. It was a wonderful coincidence that Ethan came back to my home town at this time. I asked her about these products.
She explained to me about these negative ion products. I thought about my husband who has a gout problem. I bought some underwear and a blanket for my husband. One week later his discomfort had improved.

When I was young I worked hard and for long hours. Now because of this I have a lot of illness. I have painful monthly cramps, a fibroid tumor and sickle cell anemia. All the time when I was working so much I could not take care of my illnesses. I bought some negative ion undergarments and supporters for myself. After a period of time my health has improved. I had edema on my feet. That edema has subsided. My monthly pain has disappeared. My vertigo has decreased. My health has much improved.

Symptoms: Sickle Cell Anemia, Migraine Headache, Back Pain, Gout

Testimonial 3

My Freedom From the Debilitating Pain of Migraine Headaches

I suffer from migraine since I was a kid. I could still remember the times when I would roll in pain on the floor and pulled at my hair in the bid to ease the pain. I’ve been taking painkillers for migraine before doctors actually diagnosed me as a migraine sufferer in my early twenties, and prescribed me with migraine specific medicine. Ever since then, I’ve been relying on a combination of cafergot and ponstan for more than ten years before I was introduced to Teviron. I would usually buy and consume at least 3 tablets of cafergot a month.

I have to thank my colleague and upline Kenny Wong for introducing me to this amazing fabric. We were talking after work about negative ions one day, and as I knew about the benefits of negative ions I was interested in the product he introduced. However I was skeptical when he mentioned that a fabric can actually product negative ions. What I knew at that time is that all gadgets that produces negative ions requires an energy source, so I was really skceptical.

I decided to try it out since Kenny is a friend and there is no harm trying out the sampler Teviron, as Kenny assured me there is no side effect. I went home and put the sampler on my pillow. That was somewhere in December last year.

It wasn’t until around early February that I noticed, when I opened my drawer at the office and saw the three cafergot pills that I bought in December, still in the plastic slip that I bought them in. Only then I realized I haven’t had a migraine for more than a month. That really surprised me!

I’m happy to report that I’ve as yet to suffer a migraine attack ever since then, touch wood!

It’s unbelievable, but amazingly it does work….Thank you Kenny and thank you Nefful for a miracle product!

~Azmy Taufeck
Symptoms: Migraine

Testimonial 4

Chen Shan Mei Success Team Turned My Bleak Life Into A Colorful One

The occurrence itself was a blessing. When I was single, I had a car accident that inflicted severe damage to my waist. After I was married, it felt like a nightmare each time I have my period. The

accident occured while I was rushing to work and caused a severe concussion, damaging my legs, and cracked my spine. A friend of mine told me that Tucheng Clinic was the place I should go to seek medical advise.

Dr. Chen (Ying Shu) at the clinic kept telling me how amazing was the suit she was wearing. I thought that what the doctor said must be true. But I was involved in another car accident after I purchased it, causing me even more severe after effects. Hong Ling and Ju Chiu, the senior area managers, visited me at my home, and brought me the complete series of wool blanket products for me to use. I was so happy when I first put on the blanket because I haven’t perspired in 10 years. Soon after, the situation of my sweaty palm and foot, poor blood circulation, frequent
headaches and back pains had all improved.

The even more amazing thing was that in September 2001, I menstruated twice. When I went to see a doctor about this, two 8cm wide abnormal tumors were discovered, and the hospital determined my AFP to be 106. I spoke to Yu Hua, the area general manager about it, and she told me to consult other hospitals for second opinion. During that period of time, I believed that the negative-ion suit would be able to improve my condition, so I used it to cover most parts of my body. A week later, the doctor in the Veterans General Hospital discovered that my tumors had shrunken to between 5 and 6 cm wide, and the even great news was that my AFP had reduced to 4.5.

I subsequently underwent another set of tests on August 6th, 2002, and the tumors had become air bubbles.

I thank Chen-Shan-Mei Success Team, for turning my bleak life into a colorful one!

Symptom: Tumor, Car Accident, Poor Blood Circulation, Headaches, Back Pain
~ Shu Zhen, Xu
Source: http://nature-selfhealing.com/nature-self-healing-testimony.html

Testimonial 5

The Miracle-Like Grace is The Universal Truth

Believing is a blessing. I never imagined that I could gain my health back just by believing. I was planning to go shopping in Wan Hua with Su Lan and Su Jun, but we ended up in house of Shiao Feng, the area general manager, and brought home the complete series that turned my life into a colorful one.

Two years ago, there was a thumb-sized lump in my neck’s artery area. There was no pain, but I was very worried. I went to NTU and Mackay Memorial Hospital, and the doctors all told me that it was aneurism. I was real shocking news to me. I was 84 years old, and it was dangerous for me to undergo surgeries. The doctor told me that I am dead either way, whether I get the surgeries or not. No one could understand the fear I had. I tried all kinds of Chinese and Western medicine no matter how expensive they are. However, the problem remained.

I started using a lot of the products since this July. I started to feel a lot better after wearing them for a week, and I sleep better since I don’t need to rush to the washroom two or three times a night. Two months later, the vascular tumors became softer and smaller, and almost disappeared. The wrinkles and black spots on my face have also become not as significant. The migraine that accompanied me for 30 years is also gone. My degenerative knees and back pain also are improved.

I thank Nefful for making high-tech Teviron clothing that let all people in the world to be able to become healthy and have better physique and immunity just by wearing them so they can have
healthier and happy lives.

To those who are not using the products yet: don’t be skeptical, and introduce the products to your friends. Just give yourself a chance, and you will see that the grace of miracle is the truth.

~ Cai Xi Lian Lee
Symptoms: Aneurism, Migraine, Degenerative Knees, Back Pain

Testimonial 6

50来岁的香港人梁先生,2015年發現患上大腸癌,入院開了2次刀做手術,由於有渗漏要使用排泄袋,2016-10-14日進行第三次手術,17號醫生告訴家人說:” 因病人的腸纖維太差,開刀不敢乱動,所以找不到渗漏的地方,醫方對病人的治療已經盡了力,并且找不到任何治療方法,待研究新的治療方法再告訴病人,病人有什麼願望盡量滿足他”!