Upper Back Pain

Do you suffer from constant upper back pain that sprang from sudden injury or trauma or due to poor back posture for a long time? One of the most common culprits is sitting all day and working in front of the computer all day long, and this back pain also travels and get into the shoulder and neck (as they are all connected parts).

Causes of Upper Back Pain

Apart from what were mentioned, upper back pain also occurs due to myofascial pain or irritation, something hard to work out or solve. Sometimes, the condition occurs due to lack of strength or repetitive movements from sports, and in other cases, upper back pain follows muscle strain, injury or accidents.

Some Treatment Options for Upper Back Pain

Some upper back pain treatments may include active or passive physical therapy, osteopathic or chiropractic manipulation, acupuncture or massage therapy. For some people, they visit a chiropractor to apply chiropractic manipulation, while others go to an osteopathic doctor for appropriate back pain treatment. More so, you can depend on pain medications prescribe from your doctor.

Teviron for Upper Back Pain

If you are looking to complement treatment for this type of pain, you can put on teviron clothing because it provide;

Body warmth: It works in providing you with insulation no matter the type of weather to cause further pain and helps you in avoiding common sicknesses such as colds, flu and fever.

Water permeability: It works by whisking moisture out your skin, leaving your body fast so that you will be feeling dry.

Blood purification: It can help in normalizing your calcium ion levels and alkaline levels in your blood. It can purify your blood, preventing it from acidification.

Immune system improvement: With its high negative ion levels, it can boost your immune system. By wearing TEVIRON undergarments, you can definitely achieve the best of health, being you exposed to negative ions all time being they are always in contact with your skin.

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There are no particular supporters made for Upper Back Pain. We recommend our Teviron Blanket & Bedsheet as well as wearing the Eskimode Long Sleeve U-Shirt & Eskimode Long U-Pants for maximum density of negative ions.

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