Wrist Pain

No two types of wrist pain are similar and that everyone may suffer from a very different pain from another pain. You should treat the pain or injury in different approaches as well.

In some cases of sprained or strained wrist, a brace is used. This is helpful in allowing some time for the wrist to heal properly by immobility. In the end, you will feel better and will be able to restore the normal function of your wrists.

Physical therapy also works. Some people who are suffering from wrist pain go for this option, especially for those suffering from broken bones in the region.

AS006 Wrist Band
wrist band

Option Treatments

You don’t have to suffer from wrist pain, but you can live a pain-free one and keep on performing all your daily tasks without interruptions by trying the Nefful wrist band packed with –anions—that should help.

To tell you though, it isn’t only pain that TEVIRON gives you, but also supplies your body with constant high levels of negative ions for detoxifying your blood and preventing it from acidification, one of the root causes of pain.

If you want a quick relief of getting rid of wrist pain, along with other pains, including that of the shoulders, ankles and feet, start trying out a negative ion supporters!


Description:AS006 Wrist Bands
Material:Neoron 18%, Acrylic 28%, Nylon 23%, Cupoammonium Rayon 18%, Polyester 3%, Polyrethane 3%
Colour:Purple/Navy Blue/Grey/Black/Pink
Price:SGD60 (Member SGD48)



SG013 Wrist Supporter

Description:SG013 Wrist Bands
Material:Outer Material- Acrylic 43%, Cuprammonium Rayon 28%, Nylon 21%, Polyester 6%,Polyurethane 2%, Backing martial-Neoron 68%, Nylon 21%, Polyester 9%,Polyurethane 2%
Colour:Gray, Ivory
Size: M/L
Price:SGD90 (Member SGD72)


Features: Comfortably adhere to your skin so you can move your arms and hands freely.

To order, please contact Ms Jenny Lim at (+65) 81823325

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